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Pro Vision Gaming With REDMAGIC Under Display Camera

In our mission to make the best gaming smartphone, we have learned that there is more to it than just throwing more power into the phone for better results, it also comes down to HOW you play your game. We’ve so far tackled this in a variety of ways, such as shoulder triggers, super-fast screens, special gaming software, to even a built-in turbofan to help improve maintained performance. This time though, we’ve gone after that annoying little space saved for the front-facing camera, the hole punch or camera notch taking up precious screen space! And we’ve fixed it by implementing an under display camera, otherwise known as a UDC.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

True Fullscreen Experience With UDC

You may think you’re ok with that hole punch or camera notch, but you’re actually just lying to yourself, no one is ok with anything taking up precious screen space. So be like us, achieve more, and get rid of that obstruction so you can finally enjoy a true full screen on your gaming smartphone. Thanks to the REDMAGIC 7 Pro’s UDC, you get to enjoy all of that 6.8” of AMOLED HD+ goodness. There isn’t any little space taken up by the front camera, blocking the screen. You may feel you’re already used to that little hole-punch, but doesn’t it knock you out of your focus when you happen to notice it when playing a game? Like those quiet moments in PUBG where you’re waiting quietly for the enemy to reveal themselves so you can get the drop on them? They may not be right where that hole punch is, but you’re staring so hard at your phone screen that there is no way you can’t occasionally notice it. Now imagine that same experience but without the hole-punch. It’s a totally immersive experience, allowing you to keep your focus dialed into razor thinness so you can be ready the very moment you see another player.


Super Responsive

The screen for the REDMAGIC 7 Pro may be 120Hz, but its touch sampling rate is 960Hz! It’s the fastest, most responsive screen we’ve made yet. Now you may be worried that 120Hz is a little slow, and it is compared to our previous phones, but not by a lot and most of your favorite games will still run buttery smooth with high FPS. With 960Hz touch sampling, your games will feel quick and snappy as they respond instantly to your finger presses and swipes on the screen.


How Did We Do It?

To get the UDC to work just right, it took no less than 5 technical solutions to bring you the best gaming experience with UDC. Let me break em down for you.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

The camera itself uses a Multi-drive ACE Unit that greatly increases light transmissivity above the UDC so the area of the screen that covers the UDC blends in better with the rest of the screen.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

Over the spot that has the UDC, we use 7 layers of highly-transparent materials and special OLEDs to help keep that part of the screen more translucent for better selfies. 

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

We use a dedicated chip to operate the UDC itself so it can better optimize and enhance pixels for a more precise image. Overall it helps to make a more accurate and consistent image.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

For the first time in a smartphone, we are using wave-type electrode trace programming. It’s a mouthful but it is an important program that we use to help filter out diffraction generated by the light through complex graphics, to enhance the image clarity.

REDMAGIC 7 Pro-UDC Full Gaming Screen

We also changed up the arrangement of pixels above the UDC with a new Ding Type pixel arrangement. This arrangement improves the display screen, helping it blend in with the rest of the screen while at the same time helping the camera underneath get a clearer image for better pictures.

REDMAGIC 165Hz Gaming Screen

This isn’t Our First World’s Awesome Screen

The mobile world’s first gaming smartphone with a 165Hz screen also came from REDMAGIC. At 165Hz, we were able to push the limits of what our screens can do and get up there to truly mythical levels of frame rate and screen smoothness. We also pulled this off while keeping the screen crystal clear and super sharp for not only a smooth gaming experience but a visually awesome one as well.


Where Can You Get Your REDMAGIC Gaming Smartphones?
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