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How to Reach the REDMAGIC Support Team, Make Returns, and Get Refunds

How to Reach the REDMAGIC Support Team, Make Returns, and Get Refunds


When dealing with your inquiries, the REDMAGIC Support Team always does its best to guide you through the problem to find a solution. The REDMAGIC Support Page answers most of the questions we anticipate from REDMAGIC users, with the answers grouped into six categories to make navigation easier. We’ve also added a search tab to help you narrow down the search and get to the answer even quicker.


We also recently committed to engaging more directly with the REDMAGIC community by answering frequently asked questions from Reddit and other platforms in a bi-weekly blog. So far, your questions are helping us to solve a lot of problems for the community at large, so thank you for your engagement. 


With all that said, some problems are unique and do require human engagement. Here’s how to get in touch with the REDMAGIC Support Team with your queries, and how to go about making a return and getting your refund for a purchase. 

How to Get Support


The easiest way to get support from the REDMAGIC Team is to engage with the interactive live chat in the bottom right corner of the REMAGIC website. Alternatively, REDMAGIC has a dedicated Support Page that you can visit to find possible solutions to your queries, as mentioned in the introduction. The queries are categorized as follows:


· Product Help, answering questions related to service issues and device hardware

· After-Sales Support, related to warranties, repairs, and refunds

· Shipping and Tracking, dealing with queries about receiving orders

· Payment, helping consumers find suitable payment options

· Ordering, going into detail about placing, changing, and receiving orders

· Global ROMs and Updates, featuring all update-related questions


Contact Us Directly


If you find yourself dealing with a unique problem that REDMAGIC did not anticipate beforehand, you can reach out to our Support Team via telephone call, Live Chat, or email. 

· Call Us: 

001-8332459071, 001-3326006557

Monday - Sunday 09:00 am - 06:00 pm, EST


· Live Chat

Monday - Sunday

04:00 pm - 11:59 pm, HK Time


· Email:


How to Make a Return/ Get a Refund


If all hope for resolving the problem is lost and you simply have to return your merchandise back to REDMAGIC, complete the form on the REDMAGIC Returns Center web page by filling in your order number and email address. Follow the instructions on how to make the return for a replacement or refund. Once we’ve received your returned package and completed all the necessary inspections, a refund or replacement will be issued.


Please note that the return and replacement policy only applies to products purchased directly on the official REDMAGIC website, and third-party sellers should be contacted directly. 


We’re Here to Assist You


We at REDMAGIC are dedicated to providing comprehensive support to our users. The REDMAGIC Support Page offers a streamlined experience, and our commitment to engaging with the community through regular blog updates has been fruitful. While many inquiries can be resolved through the available resources, we acknowledge that certain issues necessitate direct assistance. We hope the above guidelines are helpful, but don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team and initiate a return or refund. Thank you for being part of the REDMAGIC community.