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We’re Back With More Answers to Your Reddit FAQs

We’re Back With More Answers to Your Reddit FAQs


We’ve returned with another round of answers to your REDMAGIC-related questions from Reddit and other social media platforms. If you’re new to the thread, take a look at a few of our previous FAQ blogs to see if your questions have already been answered. If you’re here to pick up a few tips and gain answers to your questions, skim through the table of contents to see if this blog has what you’re looking for. Let’s get into it


Table of Contents 

1. What are you guys using to emulate?

2. How do I enable shortcuts on the REDMAGIC 8 series?

3. When will REDMAGIC be available in my country?

4. Where can I get a cover for my device?

5. Any reviews I can check out for the new REDMAGIC 9 Pro?


What Are You Guys Using to Emulate?


Emulators offer one of the best ways to enjoy your favorite games of all time, and for this reason, the market is flooded with options making it hard to decide which emulator is best. A simple search on Google brings up around 50 results, and it’s nearly impossible to try each one to find your fit.


To simplify this process, we recently explored some of the best emulators to use with the REDMAGIC 8 series and recommend our top 5 suggestions, including Flycast and Citra. Check out the full article here.


How Do I Enable Shortcuts on the REDMAGIC 8 Series?


REDMAGIC devices, like other Android phones, automatically create a shortcut for an app after you download it and you can find the app in your menu. If you’d like to add the app to one of your home screens, click and hold the app icon to move it.


If you’d like to rearrange, add, or remove tools from your notification panel, you can do it by clicking the edit button (pencil) at the top right corner. From there you can rearrange the order of the existing tools, remove them, or add the tools you use most frequently to the panel. 


When Will REDMAGIC Be Available in My Country?


Currently, REDMAGIC smartphones, accessories, and PC Gaming equipment is shipped to a total of 43 countries from our official online stores including Mexico, Japan, and the United Arab Emirates. We’re working on making  REDMAGIC devices available in more regions and to more service providers, and things are going well so far. 


We recently added three more countries to our list of regions, so if you live in Brazil, Australia, or Paraguay, you can now officially be part of the REDMAGIC club. 


Where Can I Get a Cover for my Device?


REDMAGIC is a growing brand with unique designs that’s only available from less than a handful of official retailers, so it’s not a device you can get plenty of accessories for from your regular tech store. The notch-less screen, for instance, isn’t accommodated by a majority of screen protectors.


If you’re looking for a screen protector and it isn’t available or is sold out on the REDMAGIC store, then you have the option of substituting it with an Axon 40 Ultra screen protector. For the phone case, check if stores like Numbimart or Amazon have what you need. 


Please note that all merchandise purchased from third-party retailers does not fall under the REDMAGIC warranty.


Any REDMAGIC 9 Pro Reviews I Can Check Out?


The official countdown to the global release of the REDMAGIC 9 Pro has started, and we’re only a few days away from experiencing the next level of mobile gaming. Once it’s released, you can expect reviews and feedback from trusted sources and your favorite reviewers.


Until the big day, you can enjoy unboxing videos of the upcoming REDMAGIC 9 Pro, and marvel and the new flawless design.


Until Next Time, Keep Your Questions Coming


It’s always interesting to see how gamers are interacting with our devices, and we’re always keen to learn what you guys want from your gaming smartphone. Thank you for helping us improve our craft with your feedback, we look forward to more interaction from you.