144Hz 6.67inch FHD+ AMOLED Display | 360Hz Touch Sampling |Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 with Dual-mode 5G | 400Hz Built-in Shoulder Trigger Buttons

Unfortunately, due to shipping constraints, the REDMAGIC 6R cannot be shipped to Canada.
The REDMAGIC 6R can not be shipped with accessories for USA orders. Accessories will need to be ordered separately.

$499.00 $599.00

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Beautiful phone

It's great looking, smooth and fast. A lot of little things I like about it however the most worrisome thing is that the base, voice-over-network, is 3G. AT&T has blocked that which required me to manually change the APN's in the settings. So no 5g connection because the available 5G bands on this phone are not in this area or most other areas in the U.S. as far as I can tell. If I update I will have to manually enter the APN's again. Anyway it works, I like it but no 5G access for me.


One of the best lokee gaming phones for it's time next to the 7.

Surprising Phone Great Buy

I bought this phone based on videos reviews. This phone is fast: quick startup without rooting, jumps wi-fi networks super fast. This phone is a blast to own. It does everything extremely well.

Not a bot ;)

Bought the blue redmagic6r an the r stands for (Racer) This phone is more of a gimmick/brag than a phone. Sure playing games on this is Pretty & Kool but if this phone starts heating up it hurts. Be careful on playing and gaming on high performance.
+Trigger buttons:Trash

Software need a bit of work. Not too bad, pretty good an has room to grow. While playing games it becomes difficult to reply to txt or change a song while playing. It's just kinda awkward.

Cameras: pretty kool to have all 4 but when in use it's just bad and difficult to use to the point where I don't use my phone for pictures unless I'm using another app. Aka (Snapchat) to save the day. Even then more gritty and full of features that are difficult to use. Shoulda added a memory expansion ability if you're gonna have a quad camera but.. I see why.

Battery life: Good, last about 2 days.

Charger/USBC port: had trouble with charging my phone with the original charger that came with the phone. Said the charger was over powering in wantage and the phone can only handle a 30wat charger/ use original charger. The original packaged charger is the one I was using. So I sabotaged my original charger so there's less watage coming through and back to normal:)

Price: $389 kills it for a smart phone made for gaming and not camera.

Do with this information as you please. Just wanted to leave my honest opinion

Nice phone if you dont need to use internet with data

Its a 3 star phone at best, stop taking down my reviews! The software is not good at all!!!, i can't use the phone with data, only wifi. What good is to have an awesome gaming experience if I can only do it at home? I already have a nice pc for that, i wanted a daily driver phone and having to turn data off and on to be able to google something is not a good experience. Be aware, i want a refund!

REDMAGIC 6R Gaming Smartphone

Feather light, Lightning fast! REDMAGIC 6R is more than your normal day-to-day smartphone. Powered by the powerful Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888 with Dual-mode 5G to speed through your day  as if you’re using a flagship gaming phone! Learn more about the REDMAGIC 6R at the Official REDMAGIC Website (US and Canada).



Product Information



NR: N78 / N41


TD-LTE B34 / B38 / 40

FDD-LTE B1 / B3 / B7 / B8 / B20 / B28

CA downlink: 1A-3A, 7A-20A, 40A + 40A


WCDMA B1 / 8


B3 (1800) / B8 (900)

Wi-Fi: WiFi 6E 2x2 MIMO 

Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.2

Positioning: GPS, GLONASS

In the Box

REDMAGIC 6R phone x 1

Clear phone case x 1

Power adapter x 1

Type-C data cable x 1

Type-C to audio adapter x 1

SIM tray ejector x 1


Package size:185x96x62mm 



  • Where does the REDMAGIC ship to?

    Countries/Regions the Seller Ship to

    REDMAGIC Store (

    Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain(except Las Palmas and Santa Cruz de Tenerife), Sweden

    REDMAGIC United Kingdom Store (

    United Kingdom

    REDMAGIC US and Canada Store (

    Canada, United States(except Alaska, Guam, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and U.S. Virgin Islands)

    REDMAGIC Global Store (

    Hong Kong (SAR China), Indonesia, Israel, Macao (SAR China), Singapore, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

  • What payment methods do you accept?

    Currently, the available payment methods for purchasing from our website are PayPal and credit card. For PayPal inquires, please contact PayPal directly at 1-402-935-2050 (calling from outside the U.S.) For credit card inquires, please contact your issuing bank for more information.

  • When will I receive my order?

    Shipping and processing times depend on the shipping method available in your region:



    European Union & United Kingdom:


    Standard Shipping (2–3 business days processing time + 2-15 business days delivery)


    Priority Shipping (1–2 business day processing time + 2–4 business days delivery)


    United States:


    Standard Shipping (2–3 business days processing time + 10-25 business days delivery)


    Priority Shipping (1–2 business days processing time + 2–5 business days delivery)




    Priority Shipping (1–2 business days processing time + 2–5 business days delivery)


    Asia Pacific & Middle East:


    Standard Shipping (2–3 business days processing time + 5-25 business days delivery)


    Priority Shipping (1–2 business day processing time + 2–5 business days delivery)



    Note: These shipping times are merely estimates. The real delivery time will depend on your destination. While we will try to deliver your order as quickly as possible, please note that orders placed during promotional periods and special events may require longer shipping times.

  • How do I repair or return my device?

    If you are not satisfied with your REDMAGIC product(s) for any reason, you may request a return within 15 calendar days of delivery.  

    To do so, please submit a support ticket requesting the return or replacement.

    Or you can contact for help directly.  

    Please note: the return or replacement is only applicable to devices purchased on

    Click here for more information. 

  • What is the warranty policy for REDMAGIC products?

    The official warranty policy is for the REDMAGIC phones bought from our official website ( is as follows:


    EU & UK store:

    Category   Warranty period    

    Phone        24 months           

    Accessory  12 months


    US & Canada store:

    Category    Warranty period    

    Phone         12 months           

    Accessory    6 months


    Global store:

    Category    Warranty period    

    Phone          12 months           
    Accessory     6 months

  • Is tax included in the total price?

    For customers in the United States of America ,tax is included in the price if one of the items in the order is a phone. 

    If there is no phone included in the order then shipping and tax is not included in the price. The products will be shipped under DAP terms. This means we can arrange the delivery to your address but will be unable to clear it for import. You may need to cooperate with the courier for local import declaration and make a payment of duty/tax if necessary. As a result, extra costs beyond port-of-entry may be incurred upon receipt of your REDMAGIC smartphone.

    Important note: If the buyer does not cooperate with customs clearance or refuses to accept the package and the package is returned, the additional costs incurred, including the taxes and fees that have been incurred, and the return flow fee, will be borne by the buyer.


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