How We Made The REDMAGIC 7S Pro The Coldest Gaming Smartphone

How We Made The REDMAGIC 7S Pro The Coldest Gaming Smartphone

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

What is this magic? How does the REDMAGIC 7S Pro play Genshin impact for four hours straight and only feel just a little warm in my hands? What upgrades did we put in the REDMAGIC 7S Pro to pull this off? Well, we know the secrets here and I’ll tell ya, it was all done by design. So sit back in your favorite chair and let’s take a look at how we did it.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

First, It’s In The Design

Throughout our years of making super-powered gaming smartphones, we’ve learned a key fact, overheating is the death of performance and controlling that is not reliant on one aspect, but on the whole, working together. Therefore cooling is an aspect that is considered and designed into the smartphone purposefully and in every aspect possible. Thus let’s start by looking at the very design of the REDMAGIC 7S Pro itself. Usually, the design of a smartphone is just for looks with some versatile functionality like where to put the side buttons and the ports. But with the REDMAGIC 7S Pro, we’ve used the design of the phone to help with the cool. We’ve placed a metal plate on the back of the phone that acts as an element to help pull heat away from the phone and with the Turbo Cooler attached, it works hand-in-hand with it to really cool off the phone. In addition to the metal plate, we’ve placed a second vent on the back of the phone for even greater wind flow for the built-in turbofan to work with. 


So those are just two elements we use to keep the phone cool, right there on the outside of the phone. Let’s start peeling back the layers and look inside.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Second, A New Layer Of Cooling

We beefed up our cooling system with the latest layer of cooling brought in by the ICE 10.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System. This new layer is a large sheet of specialized graphene that sweeps in over the battery that stores heat energy generated by the battery and the rest of the system to help control the build-up of heat. With more control over the build-up of heat, the system can more efficiently manage it and take it away. Kind of like in a tower defense game, the towers that slow the enemies down are crucial as they give needed time for the other towers to take out the bad guys. The end result in this is that this new layer lowers overall heat by 2 degrees by itself. It’s a big player but the only player, or key player in why the REDMAGIC 7S Pro stays cool while playing intense games.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Third, Making The Turbofan More Turbo

When you already have a 20,000 RPM turbofan inside your gaming smartphone, how do you make it more turbo? Some have added a second fan, but with space being so limited in a smartphone, more is not always better. What we can do is increase the airflow. We’ve already done this some by adding a second vent to the back of the phone, but by putting inlets on the housing of the turbofan our engineers found they could again increase the airflow. More airflow means better cooling efficiency which leads to lower overall temperatures, and without having to add in more fans or anything either so the REDMAGIC 7S Pro stays a comfortable size and weight.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Fourth, Tech That Runs Cooler

The best way to combat heat is to make less of it, and in this case, Qualcomm stepped up their game with the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 Chipset. As always the chipset is better performing than before, running intense games and difficult programs more easily and thus needing less power for them. But in the case of the 8+ Gen 1, Qualcomm also focused on making it more power efficient. They focused so much on this in-face that this chip is 30% more power efficient than the 8 Gen 1! That means this chip pumps out more power and performs better than any chip before and it does it with using a 3rd as much power, and less power means less heat. The 8+ Gen 1 chip may not be part of the cooling system, but the improvements it brings to the field certainly help with the REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s overall ability to control the heat.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Fifth, The Real Secret To Staying Cool

Individually, any one of these parts does help, but alone they do not lead to the magic-like ability the REDMAGIC 7S Pro has at staying cool. All of these elements working together though, that’s the secret, that’s how you get the coldest gaming smartphone yet, that’s how you’re going to play Genshin Impact for hours non-stop without getting hot. Oh, and don’t forget, no overheating means the performance, it stays top-notch the whole time. 


Now You Know

What are you going to do now? Are you going to keep playing games like Apex Legends or Genshin Impact on your iPhone or Samsung and wishing your phone would stop overheating on you? Or are you going to buy a REDMAGIC 7S Pro and say goodbye to overheating? Let me make it easier for you, with a little link to the REDMAGIC 7S Pro shopping page.


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