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How REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Is Redefining Smartphone Design

How REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Is Redefining Smartphone Design

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Design

In addition to making sure that the performance of the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium is at its peak,  we’ve stayed true to the design elements that make REDMAGIC stand out as more than just an ordinary phone, but a true gaming smartphone. Every device is like an action figure that maintains its pristine beauty and low temperature while you play, with a processor that lets it come alive to take on every mobile game. 


The sci-fi essence in our design has been maintained over the generations, and the overall look and feel of Titanium embody the futuristic elements that are present throughout this series and those that came before it. Ultimately, the REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium colorway is like an ode to our love for all things science fiction.


True Transparency


Both the Void and Titanium versions of REDMAGIC 8 Pro are a true testament to our ambitions to create a fully transparent phone, and we believe we’ve finally nailed it. The transparency is enhanced by the layers created by a deeper air duct, and also by the transparent speaker and antenna bracket that is on full display under the transparent back cover. From a semi-transparent REDMAGIC 6S Pro to the completely translucent back panel of REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium, we’ve leaped into the future.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Design


The Inspiration


The concept of traveling through space and time is quite prevalent in the science fiction genre, so it’s quite expected that the REDMAGIC 8 Pro fits the script. Envision yourself sailing through the depths of the game space with the eye-catching silver tone of Titanium, inspired by the spaceships and machines used to skip into multiple galaxies and dimensions. 


It would be criminal not to mention how this aesthetic pairs incredibly with the sharp performance provided by the epic Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset. The fact that it’s visible through the back panel, alongside the internal cooling fan and other elements, creates a sense of monitoring your spacecraft’s engine as the main character of your own sci-fi movie. The interactive RGB lights complete the sci-fi setting by bringing color to every sound the device makes.

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Design


Engineering and Design


Incorporating a futuristic silver tone into a see-through panel leaves plenty of room for every minor detail and error to be displayed. Additionally, the conductive properties of the metallic material used could potentially affect the phone’s signal, so we had to be very meticulous in our approach. 


Our designers channeled their inner scientists to achieve this goal, making calculated decisions to find the right placement of pieces, and the correct combination of silver hues and materials to make everything work harmoniously. 

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Design


The Perfect Sync of Beauty and Power


The performance of this beast is perfectly suited for the beautiful outer-worldly design of the metallic REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium


As the internal fan spins at up to 20 000 rpm, it gets an extra boost of power from the eleven layers of the one-of-a-kind multi-layer cooling system, the ICE 11.0. This not only prevents the device from overheating during extended gaming sessions but also ensures that the 6000 mAh dual-cell powerhouse has a longer lifespan to maintain more than 8 hours of battery life between charges.


The seamless, see-through design of the device is present in the front display with a camera that hides behind the panel, maintaining the essence of the holographic display synonymous with sci-fi spacecraft. 


The screen has a lightning-fast 960 Hz touch sampling rate and a 120 Hz refresh rate for laser-sharp precision of every move. The two 520 Hz shoulder triggers are the REDMAGIC 8 Pro’s rendition of the master weaponry on board a space battle station, and they definitely deliver the punch. This device is a master gamer, and it has been recognized as such by some of the finest mobile gaming competitors of this generation

REDMAGIC 8 Pro Titanium Design


All Aboard, The Mothership has Landed


If the REDMAGIC 8 Pro is currently on your wishlist, perhaps getting it in the Titanium colorway will sweeten the experience even more. And if you’ve already joined the club, leave a review on the product page to let us and your fellow patrons know how REDMAGIC 8 Pro is taking your gaming to the next level.