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Unlock The Next Level Of Gaming With The New REDMAGIC 7

Get ready to unlock the next level to going pro with the upcoming REDMAGIC 7 gaming smartphone. Starting at 8 AM EST on February 22nd, REDMAGIC you will get a chance to win a FREE REDMAGIC 7! How can you win a REDMAGIC 7? Simple, let’s take a look.

How To Enter

Starting at 8 AM EST, the REDMAGIC 7 Launch event will be live and users will need to go to the Gleam Platform and complete all the actions there. These actions are simple and easy to do and will also help to introduce you and your friends to an awesome Call of Duty: Mobile tournament that REDMAGIC is hosting, where we get to see awesome CODM pros duke it out in high-level matches. When you complete all of the actions on the Gleam, you automatically enter into our giveaway event where we will randomly select our winners for some cool REDMAGIC prizes.

Once you have completed all of the actions, you will become eligible to be randomly selected to win the following prizes.

What Can You Win?

For our REDMAGIC 7 Launch event, we have 19 cool REDMAGIC prize up for grabs.

· 1 totally free REDMAGIC 7 Supernova

· 3 50% off vouchers for the REDMAGIC 7 Pulsar

· 5 $30 off vouchers for the REDMAGIC 7 Obsidian

· 10 $15 off vouchers for all REDMAGCI 7 variants

During the REDMAGIC CODM Clash tournament, viewers will also have a chance at winning a prize if the team they voted for wins the tournament.

· 3 REDMAGIC 7 gaming smartphones

When Will Winners Be Announced?

Winners for the lucky draw will be announced on March 9th. And for the CODM tournament, we will announce the winners of those that chose the winning team on March 10th. So be sure to stay tuned to our social media pages, our website blogs, and keep an eye on your emails so you don’t miss out if you’re lucky enough to be one of our randomly selected winners.