See What Everyone Thinks Of The REDMAGIC 7S Pro

See What Everyone Thinks Of The REDMAGIC 7S Pro

REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Media people and YouTube creators have had their hands on the new REDMAGIC 7S Pro for a little while now and sharing their thoughts for the past couple of days. So what have they been saying? They love it! As we knew they would. But what exactly are they saying? Let’s take a look.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s Awesome Gaming Experience

Everyone has loved playing action-packed games on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro. It makes sense though since that is what we build the REDMAGIC 7S Pro for though. We’re gamers first after all, designing the best mobile gaming device possible for gamers all over the world. Plugging in loads of great gaming features with Game Space, like performance  But what did they say? Well just take a look at what the reviewer at JDG thought of it.

“The REDMAGIC 7S Pro is an excellent gaming smartphone and we always appreciate the sensitive triggers which really add to the playability of mobile games” - Anh Phan, JDG

Not much of a reader? Then check out what our guy Flossy Carter thought of it in his awesome YouTube video about the REDMAGIC 7S Pro. I’ll give ya a hint "this is everything you need for competitive mobile gaming" - Flossy Carter The gaming experience isn’t the only thing he loved on the REDMAGIC 7S Pro, so be sure to check out his video to see all of the awesome features he loved, like the RGB turbofan, 6.8” FHD AMOLED display with no camera hole punch, speakers, and of course that charging brick in the box, cause we’re cool cats like that. Speaking of cats, stay cool White Shoes, you’re our favorite cool cat at REDMAGIC.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

The Smooth and Immersive 6.8” Display

The display of the REDMAGIC 7S Pro is truly amazing. 6.8” FHD AMOLED display with 120Hz, and its true full screen with no hole punch or notch thanks to its under-display camera AND it also has a super responsive under-display finger sensor and a mind-blowing 960Hz multi-finger touch sampling rate. But, it is also super bright at 600 nits, meaning our gamers can enjoy indoor or outdoor games. Want a second opinion? Well we’re in luck because the awesome Ivan Martinez did just that while writing his media article.

“Its maximum brightness is very good which allows it to be displayed perfectly outdoors.” - Ivan Martinez, El Chapuzas Informatico.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

For Our Fans Of Raw Power

Experience improving software and features are all nice, but for some people, it’s all about the power. In this regard, they have nothing to worry about. The REDMAGIC 7S Pro is rocking an insane amount of power thanks to the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 and up to 18GB of RAM. To keep all of this awesome power from melting the phone, the REDMAGIC 7S Pro has our latest and best cooling system yet, ICE 10.0. You don’t have to take just our word for it though, you could buy it and try it out yourself, or you could see what the guys at Trusted Reviews thought of it. Here’s a hint:

“You won’t find an Android phone that’s more powerful than the Red Magic 7S Pro right now. Its Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 chip, coupled with a monstrous cooling system and bags of RAM make it the match of the ROG Phone 6 for sustained performance.” - Jon Mundy, Trusted Reviews.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Gaming Smartphone

Looking For More Info On The REDMAGIC 7S Pro?

Just pop on over to our REDMAGIC 7S Pro page to get an in-depth looka at all the specs, features, and power this awesome gaming smartphone has in store for you!


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