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Providing Answers for Your REDMAGIC Questions on Reddit

Providing Answers for Your REDMAGIC Questions on Reddit


We’re back again on our bi-weekly mission to answer a handful of your REDMAGIC-related questions from Reddit.


Table of Contents


1. Is the REDMAGIC 7 Series Still Worth It?

2. Which Android smartwatches work with REDMAGIC 8 Series?

3. How to Activate the Shoulder Triggers for Gaming?

4. Which is the best external cooling solution for REDMAGIC devices?

5. Is the REDMAGIC 8 Series Good for Editing Videos?


Is the REDMAGIC 7 Series Still Worth It?


As far as hardware is concerned, REDMAGIC gaming smartphones have consistently delivered high-end performance aimed at giving you the ultimate gaming experience. REDMAGIC 7 Pro and 7S Pro have the same screen refresh rate as our latest flagship devices at 120Hz paired with a powerful 5000 mAh battery, while the REDMAGIC 7 has an outstanding one-of-a-kind 165Hz screen refresh rate that we’ve since stopped making due to game compatibility.


At the time of writing, the latest software updates for the REDMAGIC 7, 7 Pro, and 8S Pro had recently dropped (2023.11.09), and users can expect regular updates in the future. The REDMAGIC 7S Pro and 8 Pro can expect an update to the OS soon. 


Which Android Smartwatches Work Best with REDMAGIC?


Pairing your phone with a smartwatch makes using the device a more streamlined process with ease of access to notifications and other functions like step meters and playlist control. We released the REDMAGIC Watch back in 2021 and we’re yet to make improvements to our first offering to bring you an even better version. That said, this shouldn’t stop you from utilizing a smartwatch. 


Because REDMAGIC gaming smartphones are Android devices, they are compatible with the majority of Android OS smartwatches. So if you’re looking to pair your REDMAGIC 8 Series device with a watch from the same year, you can check out something like the Black Shark S1 gaming smartwatch or the Xiaomi Watch.


How to Activate the Shoulder Triggers for Gaming?


The shoulder triggers are one of the features that make REDMAGIC gaming smartphones truly unique, delivering 920 Hz of power for any action you assign to each trigger. Activating the shoulder triggers is fully automatic once you’ve added your favorite games to the REDMAGIC game space.


To add games to the gamespace, open it using the dedicated gamespace button and click on the big plus sign (+) to start adding your favorite titles. 


Which is the Best External Cooling Solution for the REDMAGIC Devices?


REDMAGIC prides itself in being one of the only smartphones with a built-in turbo fan that helps keep the phone running at peak condition. Even with a 20,000 RPM fan, and a constantly evolving cooling mechanism, high-intensity gaming can cause even the coolest phone to get a little warm and make you want some additional cooling. 


Our latest external cooling solution is the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler Gen 4, which uses AI to optimize cooling performance, enhancing the heat dissipation process by 20% and reducing device temperature by up to 26 degrees Celsius. It is compatible with devices 66-87mm wide which includes most REDMAGIC, Android, and Apple devices, and it includes a mechanical control button for adjusting fan speed without accessing the app.


Is the REDMAGIC 8 Series Good for Video Editing?


There are two features that make the REDMAGIC 8 Pro and 8S Pro a stellar choice for editing video content. First is the 6.8-inch notch-less screen with a 120Hz screen refresh rate. It puts on a vivid display of colors in a buttery smooth motion, allowing you to visualize every split second of your content before posting. Additionally, the notch-less display allows you to get the best view of what’s on the screen. 


Second, is the powerful processor that makes the editing process glitch-free. It gives you the freedom to open multiple editing apps without worrying that the phone will slow down. It amplifies the lag-free experience delivered by the 120 Hz display to make editing videos on your mobile device an absolute pleasure. 


We’ll Be Back With More Answers Soon


That’s a wrap for this week, but please keep the questions coming on the REDMAGIC subreddit and REDMAGIC social media pages. We’ll answer your questions as best as we can so you can get back to enjoying your gaming experience. Until next time!