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Get Ready To Game To The Max On The Smoothest Smartphone Screen

The all new REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro are almost here, with preorders just around the corner starting on April 9th. But why should you care about these awesome new gaming smartphones? Because thanks to our drive to always push the limits and to provide the best mobile gaming experience, these two phones are going to blow you away with their capabilities.

Just like on any smartphone, the screen is one of the most important factors to consider. But for gamers, the screen is even more important. It needs to be clear, bright and most of all, fast and responsive. For the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro, there isn’t a screen faster with its 165Hz refresh rate and it’s responsiveness is on a whole different level from most other smartphones with its 500Hz single touch sampling rate. So with this awesome screen, players can not only see their games clearly, but they can also see everything at max FPS for faster gameplay and can often respond before the other players can on their generic smartphones.

Speaking of other generic smartphones, you won’t have to worry about whether or not your phone can run the latest apps or games on the App Store. With the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro being powered by the latest and most powerful chipset from Qualcomm, the Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ 888, you’ll be able to run all of the latest and most demanding applications. You will be able to run them at the max settings so you can really get to enjoy the best mobile gaming experience. To let you play the best games with no problems, this latest chip set runs a 25% higher performing CPU, 35% faster GPU, and Qualcomm’s 6th generation AI engine to help everything run smoother and faster.

About to play in a long tournament and afraid our phone is about to overheat and start slowing down? You can forget about that worrying about overheating with these awesome gaming phones. Unlike other phones, the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro have one of the best cooling systems around with the new ICE 6.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System. Since we were building an unstoppable gaming phone, we took inspiration from gaming PCs and even F1 racing cars to build the best cooling system. Inside the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro, there is the industry’s smallest vapor chamber, many layers of heat transfer materials including a large graphite sheet over the battery and aviation grade aluminum on the back of the REDMAGIC 6 Pro. But all of this wasn’t enough for us, because we went and put in a built-in turbofan! This turbofan can exceed speeds of 20,000RPMs, that’s faster than a Boeing 777 turbine, and it reaches these speeds with 59 blades, increasing it’s airflow through the phone to literally blow the heat away. The turbofan even kicks in for supreme cooling when the phone detects it is getting hot from charging with a high power quick charger, to help keep the battery cool and keep its life expectancy long. And it does all of this while using as little power as possible so you can still enjoy that awesome 5050mAh battery that the REDMAGIC 6 and 6 Pro have.

Believe it or not though, all of this is just the tip of the iceberg with many more features still to be discovered in detail inside the REDMAGIC 6 and REDMAGIC 6 Pro. To learn more check out the product pages for these awesome phones.