Custom Lords Mobile Gaming REDMAGIC 7S Pro

Custom Lords Mobile Gaming REDMAGIC 7S Pro

REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile

REDMAGIC is teaming up with lords Mobile! We will have 200 REDMAGIC 7S Pros available for purchase in a unique Lords Mobile-designed box along with some extra goodies. Read further along for more details. 

REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


What’s Inside

Inside each of these 200 special edition Lords Mobile REDMAGIC 7S Pros boxes, you will find a REDMAGIC 7S Pro of course and, also a Lords Mobile gift card. These Lords Mobile gift cards can value anywhere from $50 to $500! On the REDMAGIC XP Store, you can also get your hands on $50 gift cards for the Lords Mobile game.

REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


Free REDMAGIC Protective Cases

The first 50 purchases will get a FREE REDMAGIC Protective Case. The REDMAGIC Protective Case is designed to keep your ultimate gaming smartphone from falls and impacts so you can focus on gaming while you’re out and about. It does not impair the gaming experience at all by allowing easy access to all of our specialized gaming features and also helps to keep the phone cool when you are using the REDMAGIC Turbo Cooler thanks to the aluminum plate on the back of the case that sits perfectly where the Turbo cooler goes.

REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


Only 200

So that means if you want one, you’ll have to be quick on that purchase button. Once we sell all 200 of these special edition REDMAGIC 7S Pro’s, they’re all gone, so first come first serve!


Giveaway Chance

Starting on August 29th, we will also run a Gleam giveaway where four lucky winners will win a REDMAGIC 7S Pro!!


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