We Tried Lords Mobile And It Was A Blast

We Tried Lords Mobile And It Was A Blast

REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile

Do you think you have what it takes to lead a kingdom? Prove it then, and show the world your strength and tactical genius in Lords Mobile. It won’t be easy though, because we’re competing for first place too! We may still be a nooblet scrub compared to the rest of the more seasoned players, but we’ll get, *shakes fist* we’ll get there. 

Where Our Legend Begins

In a little town in Lords Mobile Called REDMAGIC, where everyone greets the morning with “GG”. It’s a new little town, but it is ours and it will become a name of legends!

Since we teamed up with IGG for the special edition Lords Mobile box and bundle for the REDMAGIC 7S Pro, we’ve been playing this game a fair bit. And no worries, we aren’t getting any bonuses in the game, though we should have thought of asking for some, this game is fun. No, we’ve been playing totally free-to-win style for now and it’s been pretty fun. We haven’t hit any progression walls or speed bumps and due to the game style of Lords Mobile, there is generally always something to do. 

What Kind Of Game Is Lords Mobile?

It’s a 4X strategy MMO that took the “4X” part very literally. Instead of just having 4 different win requirements - or in the case of an MMO, progression requirements - Lords Mobile went and put in 4 different game modes.


REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


Right off the bat, you have your City Builder, then you’re introduced to a tower defense like game similar to Plants vs Zombie or Clash-style game where you use cards and crystals to summon units and fight an AI opponent.


REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


After these two game modes, we’re introduced to a team-building mechanic that is similar to Raid: Shadow Legends where you take a team of heroes through a few waves of monsters and then fight a boss, and between fights, you can level up and customize your heroes with new equipment and skills.


REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


Last but not least, and possibly the most fun is the battle simulator that is used for raids and PVP. Since we are still a total noob at Lords Mobile, we haven’t had a chance to really try this last part out, but we have defeated some neighboring factions in the generic army simulator and, that was highly entertaining.


REDMAGIC x Lords Mobile


Not Our Usual Game But We Love It

It’s ambitious, fun, and has lots of things to do. It’s not every day we see a game offer so many different things and Lords Mobile pulls it off with style. We look forward to playing a lot more of this game and you never know, maybe you’ll run into our little REDMAGIC kingdom. Hopefully by then, it isn’t so little.


REDMAGIC 7S Pro Supernova Lords Mobile Edition

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