Playing Genshin Impact On The REDMAGIC 7S Pro Is Awesome

Playing Genshin Impact On The REDMAGIC 7S Pro Is Awesome

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Genshin Impact Game Review


It’s been a while since we’ve played Genshin Impact. A lot of games have come out over the past year or so to take up our time, but it’s always been there as our go-to chill game for some of us. It’s definitely our go-to “test the new phone out” game, and we’re not alone in that since it is the go-to game to test all phones on for media people and KOLs. Why? Cause Genshin Impact is a super intense game for a gaming smartphone to play, let alone any normal smartphone. So it has become the golden standard of proving a smartphone can game, and boy can the REDMAGIC 7S Pro game.

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Genshin Impact Game Review


It Never Got Hot

For real, I played it myself for 4 hours straight. It never got hot, even on the highest settings. On the game’s default setting of “Medium,” the REDMAGIC 7S Pro stayed chill the whole time. I think my hands flying across the screen made it feel warmer than actually playing the game. Our boys in R&D have really made the latest ICE 10.0 Multi-dimensional Cooling System really something else. 


It Just Keeps Going And Going And Going And Going…

To get a feel for the battery power, It’s only at around 41%, and that’s after doing some video editing work on it and leaving it idle for another 30 mins or so overall today. With that kind of awesome battery performance for today, I believe Qualcomm’s claims that the new Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 really does run better and with a 30% improvement in power consumption. I’m still having a hard time believing it and I’m sitting here looking at the phone to confirm that, yes indeed, I could do an all-day marathon of Genshin Impact on a single charge with the REDMAGIC 7S Pro.
REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Genshin Impact Game Review


Getting Back Into Genshin Impact After Our Hiatus

Not a whole lot has changed thankfully since the last time we played this game. There do seem to be a few monsters and the dungeons got reworked and the new skins and characters are awesome. My favorite so far was this rolly polly geo element monster I ran across. Even got an achievement for bouncing him off my Noelle’s shield ability! 

REDMAGIC 7S Pro - Genshin Impact Game Review


Control Schemes

Since the day this game came out, we have been using REDMAGIC’s shoulder triggers on it regardless of what REDMAGIC gaming smartphone we use. Generally, we have always kept one trigger on the dash button. That other trigger has found homes in several other locations. Most of us like to have it on the jump button or for special abilities or attacking. I’ve also been a fan of using it to switch between my two favorite damage dealers so I can benefit from the different elements comboing off each other for more damage. With the new quick party editing the game has added, it is a little easy to accidentally activate that instead of swapping characters if you’re a little slow on the triggers, so I’ve opted to move it to the jump button myself.


As for my personal favorite characters, I may be old school, but I still prefer Lisa and Barbara. Their elements complement each other, barbara is a decent healer, and since they are both magic, it’s super easy to hit your opponents. Just button smash away and reap the rewards.


What are your favorite teams and are you looking forward to playing Genshin Impact for hours on end on your REDMAGIC 7S Pro? Let us know on our social media pages.


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