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Is Wuthering Waves Worth Adding to Your Current Playlist?

Is Wuthering Waves Worth Adding to Your Current Playlist?


Back in March we gave you a handful of upcoming mobile games to look forward to in the months ahead. Among those listed was the highly anticipated RPG game Wuthering Waves, which was first announced in 2022 and finally released on May 17, 2024. Naturally, the game has made its way into the hands of reviewers and gamers who couldn’t wait to share their experience, and we’ve compiled a few of their comments into this article. 

Android Police have compared Wuthering Waves (WuWa) to Genshin Impact in the open-world gacha game space, and while many of the reviewers were initially excited to play WuWa, a few issues on release prevented Kuro Games, the developers, from creating the perfect mobile game.

Faith, who wrote for Android Police describes the game as “perfectly average”, while Georgi of Game Leap says they hope Kuro Games will address the issues that’ll take the game from average to amazing. Let’s delve deeper into the gaming experience described by these two reviews and a couple more. 


Combat That’s Worth the Hype

Something that the reviewers seem to agree is worth your time is Wuthering Waves’ combat experience. The game’s combat system is outstanding and stands out as the best feature of the game. It takes from what Genshin Impact does so great and adds a few more fun features that enhance the experience. WuWa introduces intro and outro skills, which gives each Resonator a special ability when switching in and out of characters. In addition, there is also the ability to parry boss attacks and dodging feels very fluid. Overall, combat is much more satisfying than Genshin. 

Gamers on Reddit agree that the combat is buttery smooth and feels great, with some describing it as “amazing” in combat.


Exploring the Wuthering Waves World 

It’s one thing for the game to be ultra smooth while you’re playing it, but what are you “smooth sailing” across? According to the people who’ve played the game, it’s like a new feel of the competitors' terrain. 

Wuthering Waves’ open-world exploration is decent but follows the same formula as its rivals: collecting, crafting, and unlocking the map. It adds unique features like grappling and wall-running, which Faith of the Android Police thinks is a good touch. In addition to the buttery smooth combat, Georgi from Game Leap says that the game’s exploration gets another green flag on his checklist. 


What’s the Story? 


It’s no secret that the best parts of any mobile game are the captivating graphics and incredibly smooth gameplay, but an often overlooked aspect that plays a crucial role in making a game enjoyable is the storyline. 

According to both reviewers mentioned in the introduction, the game’s localization could do with some more attention to detail as it’s been described as “rushed” compared to Genshin and Honkai: Star Rail. 

The voice acting and sound quality, which is meant to make following along with the story easier, has received some backlash from players, however it’s not uncommon for these games to be “not up to snuff” initially, but it’s something that tends to improve over time. Kuro Games has already said they will improve these aspects and more. Not to mention, they have been very generous with new players on giving free pulls and even a free 5 star Resonator.


Will You Be Riding the Wave? 

If you're a fan of action-packed combat and don’t mind some rough edges in other areas, Wuthering Waves might be worth adding to your playlist. Wuthering Waves has generated significant buzz among gamers and reviewers, but whether you’ll be riding this wave is totally up to you. Do us a favor though, if you’re currently playing the game on your REDMAGIC gaming smartphone, drop a review on our sub Reddit or YouTube channel.