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Have You Tried The Wild Rift On REDMAGIC 6?

Have you tried the new LoL mobile port, League of Legends: Wild Rift yet? No? Wait, you don’t know what LoL is? Oh, you’re in for a treat then! LoL is League of Legends, one of the most successful massively multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games on PC, and now it is available on mobile. Not sure what the game is like though? Here’s a quick breakdown. If you already know everything there is to know about LoL and are a pro, then you can go ahead and skip to the “Wild Rift On The REDMAGIC 6” section.

What Is This Awesome Game

In short, it is a 5v5 game where each player controls one unique hero with their own special abilities. Your goal is to work with your team to push the other team back and destroy their nexus building at their starting location. But to get there you will have to fight through their tower defense like defenses and the other team’s players as well. And that is what a MOBA game is in a nutshell, but that is also just the tip of the iceberg of what this game is like. There are the different items and builds you can have for any character and the different styles of play for each character as well as all the different lanes and roles you could be playing as. Daunting at first glance, I know. But no worries, the game helps you learn as you play and we’ve been playing it quite a bit as well and we’ll be dumping on you what we have learned so far, along with some tips to play even better if you’re using a REDMAGIC phone, like the REDMAGIC 6.

Finding Your Place In This Game

First thing first, you need to find what role you enjoy the most, and these are often based on the parts of the map that they play in the most, such as Top (also called solo), Mid, Jungle, Support, or ADC. But what do these roles do? Besides literally everything, we can break down like this.

The Roles

Well, Top is usually a tanky character but the role is pretty flexible on what champions can play it, but the main thing is you’ll often be alone up there, as people on the top of leaderboards often are. Mid is usually an aggressive mage type that fights in the middle lane. For jungle it is a unique character type that runs around the jungle killing monsters there for powerups and occasionally jumping into the lanes for an easy kill on the enemy team. 

The last two are Support and ADC, a range attack type, these two fight together in their lane, the duo lane. It is a key lane and can often determine the fate of the game. Once you know what role you like, you’ll need to figure out what champion you’ll like, which will take some time since there are so many unique champions. 

Quick REDMAGIC Game Tips
Pay attention now, we suffered through the learning curve so you don’t have to.

Support Is Good

While a lot of players love to play as the Jungler or ADC (a ranged attack type), we here at REDMAGIC enjoyed playing a support role, particularly as Sona. It’s an underrated role so you’ll rarely have to fight the other players for it, and a good support can make the difference between winning or losing. We also really enjoy playing in the top lane as a tanky champion like Nasus. If played well Nasus can become infinitely powerful for infinite winning. This is because one of Nasus’s abilities gets stronger each time you get a killing blow on a monster, minion, or player with the skill. Speaking of killing blows, this is super important and we’ll tell you why.

Last Hits

Unless you are playing Support, you want to be getting the killing blow on the little minions, monsters, and players as much as you can. Doing this will give you more money to spend at the store on items than just letting things die around you, considerably more money. In fact, this is such an important aspect of the game, that you will often find the opposing team trying to deny you the opportunity to get the killing blow minions in your lane, and if they aren’t then you should be doing that to them so you can get the advantage!

Learning The Map

In case all this talk about lanes and jungle and towers is confusing, no worries. The map is a fairly simple map with 3 obvious routes that are protected by towers and are where the minions walk along to fight the enemy. It is in these lanes that you spend most of your time and fighting during the game. The rest of the map is what we call the jungle, which is filled with monsters and is the domain of your team’s Jungler. Take some time to learn this map, learn where your role spends the most time, where the monsters with power-ups are, and always be taking the occasional glance at it. Paying attention to what is happening on the mini-map and taking advantage of it is overpowered, just like in any game. Map awareness will lead to more easy wins than you’d imagine possible, trust us. 

Wild Rift On The REDMAGIC 6

So what’s it like to play League of Legends: Wild Rift on the REDMAGIC 6? It’s absolutely awesome. With the REDMAGIC 6, you can play at the max 90FPS Ultra Graphics settings for all the glorious action in awesome high-quality without experiencing any drop in performance, which is great. Then you have the customizable shoulder triggers to enhance your gameplay. These shoulder triggers can be real game-changers. You can map them to any on-screen button in the game so you don’t have to move your thumb to press it. We like having the shoulder triggers mapped to the summoner abilities since they are smaller and a little harder to touch accurately mid-game. 

Keeping Up With The Action

The action in this game can be very fast, especially in those big group fights that can often determine the game. So it is key to be able to stay on top of everything. As we mentioned before, the REDMAGIC 6 is so powerful you will be able to play at the max settings, missing nothing, but seeing everything is only half the battle. The other key element is being able to react. With the REDMAGIC 6, you won’t need to worry about that though thanks to its high touch sampling rate. When you’re using two or more fingers on the screen, you’ll get an awesome 320Hz touch sampling rate, meaning the REDMAGIC 6 will be uber responsive to your commands. 

To take it a step further though, the shoulder triggers have a 400Hz touch sampling rate, ideal for making those clutch moves such as using Flash to get away at the last second. If you’re feeling really brave and have total control over your controls, you could even use just one finger tap occasionally to benefit from the REDMAGIC 6’s 500Hz single-touch touch sampling rate! While hiding in the bushes, waiting to jump out and ambush an enemy, just knowing we have that 500Hz touch sampling at our fingertips certainly makes our alpha strike feel faster.

Best Mobile Game Of The Year?

It’s early to say this but, it really could be! It’s LoL on the phone after all, and we’ve already dumped so much time into the game that it is getting difficult even for us to justify it here as writing research. It’s a great game and it’s even better on the REDMAGIC 6. If you don’t believe us, we challenge you to give the game a try on the REDMAGIC 6 and tell us it isn’t great.

What games should we dump our free time into to try out on the REDMAGIC 6 next? Let us know on our social media platforms what our next Gamers Choice should be.